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About me

My name is Theary Chhim (pronounced Teer-ree) and I am transitioned from being a pharmacist to UI/UX Designer! How lucky am I to get to explore two different paths! I feel so grateful to have a multidisciplinary education studying both visual arts and pharmacy. Having such a diverse education and being first-generation Khmer American, my perspective is unique. Seeing the lack of equity first hand when patients visited the pharmacy seeking assistance for vaccinations or covid-19 testing motivated me to pursue visual design to help find design solutions. My diverse set of life experiences and morale compass provides the avenues to both know what the right thing to do is and how to do it.


I graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and my Doctorate of Pharmacy at Washington State University. I pursued both and became a pharmacist practicing in many settings. Eventually, my love for design led me across the ocean from Seattle, WA to Munich, Germany. I took a break from pharmacy and pursued design and explored Europe. Cliqz GmbH provided the opportunity to be their design intern where I quickly was promoted to designer. I absolutely LOVED what I did! Upon return to the U. S., the worlds collided. Being a retail pharmacy manager running the pharmacy during the pandemic, I see/saw first hand how critical technology in healthcare is! This was my "ah ha" moment. I belong in the digital technology design space.

Main Tools

Microsoft Suite
Electronic Health Records
Medication Therapy Management
Pharmacy Management
Pharmacy Informatics
Drug Information

Passion Projects