Datsfilthy Sports Clothing

Graphic Design &

Project Overview
Datsfilthy is a term used when my team and I were growing up to describe something we felt was exciting, cool, or things we liked. The team included myself and three others with many responsibilities. The sports clothing designs were inspired by iconic Seattle sports moments both historically or in the present season. I designed all the graphics and the created the e-commerce website.
Lead graphic designer and e-commerce website web designer.
Jan 2014 - June 2017
Datsfilthy Sports Clothing
Graphic Design and
E-Commerce Website
To understand user needs, we needed to understand Seattle sports history and be able to spot unforgettable moments and mass produce clothing products to match the demand. Not only did we have to understand user needs, but also to source clothing products and screen printers and launch an
e-commerce website. 
I focused on the graphic designs and the e-commerce website. I did a market analysis of other Seattle sports clothing companies and my love for sports made it fun to capture iconic moments in my designs. I was inspired by the feeling and experience watching the games or reliving games growing up, feelings users can connect with.
I sketched and drafted designs and collaborated with my team about product launches. We wanted to make sure the e-commerce website was one-click access for purchases.  
This was my first big step in product design. I learned about market research, product launches, production, e-commerce website build, and graphic design. We started with one product and marketed using word-of-mouth, social media, and pop-up Facebook shop. We focused designs on the Seahawks and Mariners and were able to grow in sales and in our social media presence, parallel to the success of the Seahawks. Our sales grow 12x in one year. 
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